Finding a reliable source for quality backlinks is not an easy task. Search engines are getting more and more advanced in identifying whether a link is of high quality or not. This means that any low-quality links can easily be detected and penalized.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that the links you are building are of high quality and will not be penalized by search engines. Below, we have outlined some ways to make sure you choose a reliable source for your backlinks.

1). Choose relevant sources

When choosing the source for your backlinks, it’s best to find one that is relevant to your content. This way, search engine crawlers will see the connection between the two pages and rank them higher in the SERPs.

Avoid buying backlinks from low quality sources. An important way to ensure you’re using high quality sources is not to buy backlinks from spammy blogs, websites or forums where the content is irrelevant and has no real value for your site. Pro-tip: Don’t buy backlinks from blog comment sections!

Choose authoritative sites. The source of your backlink should be authoritative as well, meaning that it is reliable and reputable enough for Google to rank it highly

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2. Create a list of good backlink keywords.

You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to come up with a list of keywords related to your site’s main keyword.

Website Ranking

Google automatically provides data about which sites are ranking for these terms, as well as their Page Rank, the amount of backlinks they have.

2) Use only one service at a time

It’s important not to use too many link building services at once because this can lead to over-optimization which can result in a low organic ranking. Using two or more link building services at once can lead to over-optimization and can have negative effects on the site’s ranking in search engines.

Website Ranking

Links from guest posts are usually considered one of the most important link building strategies because they have the potential to convert visitors into customers and boost SERP results.

Creating quality links from content marketing campaigns can also be effective especially when there are high-quality web pages such as authority sites that have a good amount of keywords and links in their content.

3) Don’t use competitor links

It is not recommended to use competitor’s in-links as part of the scope of link building. This can lead to penalties in a site’s ranking and may also make potential customers wary of purchasing outside the site.

Some people recommend that sites avoid using competitors in-links as part of their goal to build trust and gain traffic.

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4) Don’t create links that are unrelated to the website

Creating backlinks that are not related to your business can lead to penalties in a site’s ranking and may also make potential customers wary of purchasing outside the site.

Some people recommend that sites avoid creating backlinks that are not related to their business as part of their goal to build trust and gain traffic to their site.

Not all backlinks are equal. Creating a backlink to a website on your blog that is unrelated to your business or website may not have any impact, however creating a backlink in the form of an article submission or press release can help legitimate sites get more exposure and boost their rankings.


The Importance of buying quality links for your marketing campaign is a crucial part in the success of your business.

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